Lunch Program
  • Lunch Program:    K - 12:20-1:05,     1st - 11:30-12:15,     2nd - 11:30-12:15,      3rd - 12:20 - 1:05,     4th - 11:30- 12:15,          5th - 12:20 - 1:05

    To order lunch for your child, please click here.  Please follow the directions for ordering and take note of the monthly ordering dates. They are not always the same each month. 

  • Lunch Orders may be canceled by emailing us [email protected] 

    Indicate your child's name as it appears in skyward and the day or days you wish to cancel.
    If you have created an account, your cancellation credit will be available for future use. On guest orders, you will be refunded.

    Kindly note, same day cancellations must be received prior to 8am as our cancellation window closes at 8am.
If your child forgets lunch or you need to bring lunch after you've dropped your child at school, please leave it in the cooler outside Door #4, clearly marked with your child's name and class.

**For the safety of our students and staff we DO NOT allow food delivery of any kind (ie: GrubHub, Doordash, etc.) to our students. Only parents and caregivers can drop off lunch in the cooler.
    The primary purposes of the Lunch Time Program are to provide the children with a safe, explicitly structured and closely supervised setting to eat and socialize in an appropriate and safe manner.

    In order to realize the purposes of the Lunch Time Program, the following procedures will be implemented:
    • All students will sit at teacher assigned tables in the Cafetorium in their assigned seat. At all times, children will be expected to demonstrate excellent table manners as modeled at home. The table manner behaviors should include:  Speaking in a soft voice.  Using phrases such as: may I, please, excuse me, thank you, you're welcome. Cleaning-up the table and the surrounding area when asked. It's so important for our children to have a sense of ownership and school pride for our building! Showing respect to classmates by looking at him/her while he/she is talking. Discussing opinions and ideas in a polite way. If there is a problem, ask a supervisor for help. Listening to and following at all times the directions of the lunch time supervisors.
  • During Outside Recess Time, all children will be expected to follow the school rules. Special emphasis during play time will be placed on showing respect and sensitivity to each other's feelings, and demonstrating excellent sportsmanship.
  • During Indoor Recess Time, all children will return to their classrooms. Reading, writing and/or drawing; playing activities designed by classroom teachers; quiet games like checkers, chess, Scrabble, other board games; cards; and other teacher-approved games constructed by the children are permitted.
  • Children who go home for lunch must report to the Main Office to meet their parent/guardian. Only the parent/guardian can sign out the child.